FAQ - General

I thought I had deleted my cloud resources, but they still show up. Why?

You probably deleted the specific nodes, but not the kubernetes cluster that was controlling those nodes. Kubernetes is designed to make sure that a specific set of resources is available at all times. This means that if you only delete the nodes, but not the kubernetes instance, then it will detect the loss of computers and will create two new nodes to compensate.

How does billing for this work?

JupyterHub isn’t handling any of the billing for your usage. That’s done through whatever cloud service you’re using.

Common error messages


This section includes “provider agnostic” error messages for JupyterHub and Kubernetes.

Google Cloud

  1. Could not find default credentials. See for more information.

    Execute gcloud auth application-default login and follow the prompts. The provided link in the error message has additional options for advanced use cases.

  2. ERROR: (gcloud.container.clusters.create) ResponseError: code=503, message=Project staeiou-5f880 is not fully initialized with the default service accounts. Please try again later.

    Go to and click ‘enable’ and follow the prompts.

Investigating Issues

If you encounter any issues or wish to see what’s happening under the hood, use the following commands.

To see running pods:

kubectl --namespace=<YOUR-NAMESPACE> get pod

To see the logs:

kubectl --namespace=<YOUR-NAMESPACE> logs <pod-name>

You can pass -f option to the logs command to tail them.


Google Cloud: You can see the logs in the GUI on there should be logging under the hamburger menu.