Customizing your Deployment

The Helm chart used to install your JupyterHub deployment has a lot of options for you to tweak. For a semi-complete reference list of the options, see the Configuration Reference.

Applying configuration changes

The general method to modify your Kubernetes deployment is to:

  1. Make a change to your config.yaml.

  2. Run a helm upgrade:

    helm upgrade $RELEASE jupyterhub/jupyterhub \
      --version=0.8.2 \
      --values config.yaml

    Note that helm list should display <YOUR_RELEASE_NAME> if you forgot it.

  3. Verify that the hub and proxy pods entered the Running state after the upgrade completed.

    kubectl get pod --namespace jhub

For information about the many things you can customize with changes to your Helm chart through values provided to its templates through config.yaml, see the Customization Guide.